Definition for SUP-PORT


  1. The act or operation of upholding or sustaining.
  2. That which upholds, sustains or keeps from falling, as prop, a pillar, a foundation of any kind.
  3. That which maintains life; as, food is the support of life, of the body, of strength. Oxygen or vital air has bee supposed to be the support of respiration and of heat in the blood.
  4. Maintenance; subsistence; as, an income sufficient for the support of a family; or revenue for the support of army and navy.
  5. Maintenance; an upholding; continuance in any state, or preservation from falling, sinking or failing; as, taxes necessary for the support of public credit; a revenue for the support of government.
  6. In general, the maintenance or sustaining of any this without suffering it to fail, decline or languish; as, the support of health, spirits, strength or courage; the support of reputation, credit, &c.
  7. That which upholds or relieves; aid; help; succor; assistance.

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