Definition for MAN'AGE

MAN'AGE, v.t. [Fr. menager; menage, house, household, house-keeping; It. maneggiare; Sp. and Port. manejar. The primary sense seems to be to lead.]

  1. To conduct; to carry on; to direct the concerns of; as, to manage a farm; to manage the affairs of a family. What wars I manage, and what wreaths I gain. Prior.
  2. To train or govern, as a horse. They vault from hunters to the managed steed. Young.
  3. To govern; to control; to make tame or tractable; as, the buffalo is too refractory to be managed.
  4. To wield; to move or use in the manner desired; to have under command. Long tubes are cumbersome, and scarce to be easily managed. Newton.
  5. To make subservient. Antony managed him to his own views. Middleton.
  6. To husband; to treat with caution or sparingly. The less he had to lose, the less he car'd / To manage lothesome life, when love was the reward. Dryden.
  7. To treat with caution or judgment; to govern with address. It was much his interest to manage his protestant subjects. Addison.

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