Definition for COPE

COPE, v.i. [Dan. kiv, contention; kives, to strive; kappes, to strive, to equal, to envy; Sw. kif, strife; kifwa, to contend or quarrel; käppas, to strive, to emulate; Ar. كَنَأ kafaa, to turn back, to drive away, to thrust, to oppose, to equal; كَنَي kafai, to be sufficient, to be equal, to be like, to be a substitute. Class Gb, No. 53, 55.]

  1. To strive or contend on equal terms, or with equal strength; to equal in combat; to match; to oppose with success. Their Generals have not been able to cope with the troops of Athens. – Addison. Till Luther rose, no power could cope with the pope. – D. A. Clark. He was too open and direct in his conduct, and possessed too little management, to cope with so cool and skillful an adversary. – Wirt.
  2. To contend; to strive or struggle; to combat. Host cop'd with host, dire was the din of war. – Philips.
  3. To encounter; to interchange kindness or sentiments. – Shak.
  4. To make return; to reward. [Obs.] – Shak.
  5. To exchange or barter. [Not in use.] – Bailey.

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