Definition for PITCH

PITCH, n.2 [from the root of pike, peak, W. pig. See the Verb.]

  1. Literally, a point; hence, any point or degree of elevation; as, a high pitch; lowest pitch. How high a pitch his resolution soars. – Shak. Alcibiades was one of the best orators of his age, notwithstanding he lived when learning was at its highest pitch. – Addison.
  2. Highest rise. – Shak.
  3. Size; stature. So like in person, garb and pitch. – Hudibras.
  4. Degree; rate. No pitch of glory from the grave is free. – Waller.
  5. The point where a declivity begins, or the declivity itself; descent; slope; as, the pitch of a hill.
  6. The degree of descent or declivity.
  7. A descent; a fall; a thrusting down.
  8. Degree of elevation of the key-note of a tune, or of any note.

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