Definition for PITCH

PITCH, v.i.

  1. To light; to settle; to come to rest from flight. Take a branch of the tree on which the bees pitch, and wipe the hive. – Mortimer.
  2. To fall headlong; as, to pitch from a precipice; to pitch on the head. – Dryden.
  3. To plunge; as, to pitch into a river.
  4. To fall; to fix choice; with on or upon. Pitch upon the best course of life, and custom will render it the most easy. – Tillotson.
  5. To fix a tent or temporary habitation; to encamp. Laban with his brethren pitched in the mount of Gilead. – Gen. xxxi.
  6. In navigation, to rise and fall, as the head and stern of a ship passing over waves.
  7. To flow or fall precipitously, as a river. Over this rock the river pitches in one entire sheet. – B. Trumbull.

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