Definition for PRAC'TICE

PRAC'TICE, v.t. [From the noun. The orthography of the verb ought to be the same as of the noun; as in notice and to notice.]

  1. To do or perform frequently, customarily or habitually; to perform by a succession of acts; as, to practice gaming; to practice fraud or deception; to practice the virtues of charity and beneficence; to practice hypocrisy. – Isa. xxxii. Many praise virtue who do not practice it. – Anon.
  2. To use or exercise any profession or art; as, to practice law or medicine; to practice gunnery or surveying.
  3. To use or exercise for instruction, discipline or dexterity. [In this sense, the verb is usually intransitive.]
  4. To commit; to perpetrate; as, the horrors practiced at Wyoming. – Marshall.
  5. To use; as, a practiced road. [Unusual.] – Mitford.

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