Definition for PRAC'TICE


  1. To perform certain acts frequently or customarily, either for instruction, profit or amusement; as, to practice with, the broad-sword; to practice with the rifle.
  2. To form a habit of acting in any manner. They shall practice how to live secure. – Milton.
  3. To transact or negotiate secretly. I have practic'd with him, / And found means to let the victor know / That Syphax and Sempronius are his friends. – Addison.
  4. To try artifices. Others, by guilty artifice and arts / Of promis'd kindness practic'd on our hearts. – Granville.
  5. To use evil arts or stratagems. If you there / Did practice on my state … – Shak.
  6. To use medical methods or experiments. I am little inclined to practice on others, and as little that others should practice on me. – Temple.
  7. To exercise any employment or profession. A physician has practiced many years with success.

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