Definition for DIF'FER

DIF'FER, v.i. [L. differo, dis and fero, to bear or move apart; It. differire; Fr. differer. See Bear.]

  1. Literally, to be separate. Hence, to be unlike, dissimilar, distinct or various, in nature, condition, form or qualities; followed by from. Men differ from brutes; a statue differs from a picture; wisdom differs from folly. One star differeth from another star in glory. – 1 Cor. xv.
  2. To disagree; not to accord; to be of a contrary opinion. We are all free to differ in opinion, and sometimes our sentiments differ less than we at first suppose.
  3. To contend; to be at variance; to strive or debate in words; to dispute; to quarrel. We'll never differ with a crowded pit. – Rowe.

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