Definition for DROP

DROP, v.t. [Sax. dropian; D. druipen; G. traüfen or tropfen; Sw. drypa; Dan. drypper; Russ. krapayu.]

  1. To pour or let fall in small portions or globules, as a fluid; to distill. The heavens shall drop down dew. – Deut. xxxiii.
  2. To let fall as any substance; as, to drop the anchor; to drop a stone.
  3. To let go; to dismiss; to lay aside; to quit; to leave; to permit to subside; as, to drop an affair; to drop a controversy; to drop a pursuit.
  4. To utter slightly, briefly or casually; as, to drop a word in favor of a friend.
  5. To insert indirectly, incidentally, or by way of digression; as, to drop a word of instruction in a letter.
  6. To lay aside; to dismiss from possession; as, to drop these frail bodies.
  7. To leave; as, to drop a letter at the post-office.
  8. To set down and leave; as, the coach dropped a passenger at the inn.
  9. To quit; to suffer to cease; as, to drop an acquaintance.
  10. To let go; to dismiss from association; as, to drop a companion.
  11. To suffer to end or come to nothing; as, to drop a fashion.
  12. To bedrop; to speckle; to variegate, as if by sprinkling with drops; as, a coat dropped with gold. – Milton.
  13. To lower; as, to drop the muzzle of a gun.

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