Definition for A'BLE

A'BLE, a. [a'bl; Norm. ablez, hable; habler to enable, from L. habilis.]

  1. Having physical power sufficient; having competent power or strength, bodily or mental; as, a man able to perform military service – a child is not able to reason on abstract subjects.
  2. Having strong or unusual powers of mind, or intellectual qualifications; as, an able minister. Provide out of all Israel able men. – Ex. xvii.
  3. Having large or competent property; or simply having property, or means. Every man shall give as he is able. – Deut.
  4. Having competent strength or fortitude; as, he is not able to sustain such pain or affliction.
  5. Having sufficient knowledge or skill; as, he is able to speak French; she is not able to play on the piano.
  6. Having competent moral power or qualifications; as, an illegitimate son is not able to take by inheritance.

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