Definition for AL'OE

AL'OE, n. [al'o; L. aloë; Gr. αλοη; Sp. Port. It. Fr. aloe; Heb. plur. אהלים, aloe-trees.]

In botany, a genus of Monogynian Hexanders, of many species; all natives of warm climates, and most of them, of the southern part of Africa. Among the Mohammedans, the aloe is a symbolic plant, especially in Egypt; and every one who returns from a pilgrimage to Mecca, hangs it over his street door, as a token that he has performed the journey. In Africa, the leaves of the Guinea aloe are made into durable ropes. Of one species are made fishing-lines, bow-strings, stockings and hammocs. The leaves of another species hold rain water.

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