Definition for AN'GEL

AN'GEL, n.1 [L. angelus; Gr. αγγελος, a messenger, from αγγελλω, to tell or announce; Ir. agalla, agallaim, to speak or tell; from the root of call, or of Ar. قَالَ‎‎ kaula, to say, to tell. Sax. angel; Ir. aingeal, or aingiol; D. G. Sw. Dan. engel; Sp. angel; It. angelo; Port. anjo; Fr. ange; Russ. angel.]

  1. Literally, a messenger; one employed to communicate news or information from one person to another at a distance. But appropriately,
  2. A spirit, or a spiritual intelligent being employed by God to communicate his will to man. Hence angels are ministers of God, and ministering spirits. – Heb. i.
  3. In a bad sense, an evil spirit; as, the angel of the bottomless pit. – Matth. xxv. 1 Cor. vi. Rev. ix.
  4. Christ, the mediator and head of the church. – Rev. x.
  5. A minister of the gospel, who is an embassador of God. – Rev. ii. and iii.
  6. Any being whom God employs to execute his judgments. – Rev. xvi. Cruden.
  7. In the style of love, a very beautiful person. – Shak.

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