Definition for Golden

golden, adj. [see gold, n.]

  1. Bright; [fig.] hopeful; promising; blessed; favorable.
  2. Made of gold; consisting of gold.
  3. Sunny; beaming; shining; fair; radiant; refulgent.
  4. Yellow.
  5. Bright; brilliant; [fig.] extraordinary; highly intelligent; [metaphor] poetic; lyrical; aesthetically powerful.
  6. Fully sweet; completely ready.
  7. Glowing; [fig.] ageless; timeless; eternal; heavenly.
  8. Rich; [fig.] carnivorous; high-protein; animal-based.
  9. Warm; [fig.] royal; regal; kingly.
  10. Benevolent; kind; nurturing.
  11. Phrase. “Golden Rod”: goldenrod; yellow wildflower; plant that produces blossoms in late summer or autumn.
  12. Phrase. “the golden touch”: moment at sunset when everything is colored with yellow light; (allusion to the golden touch of Midas).
  13. Phrase. “Golden Fleece”: legendary sheepskin sought by Jason and the Argonauts; pelt of a winged ram that Hermes sent to carry two children to safety; ram's hide placed in a sacred grove and guarded by a sleepless dragon.

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