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PELT'ATE, or PELT'A-TED, a. [L. pelta, a target.]

In botany, having the shape of a target or round shield, with the style inserted near the middle of the under surface; as, a pellate stigma; having the petiole inserted into the under surface of the lamin not far from the center; as, a pellate leaf. – Martyn.


In the form of a target, &c. – Eaton.

PELT'ED, pp.

Struck with something thrown or driven.


One that pelts; also, a pinchpenny; a mean sordid person. – Huloet.


In Shakspeare, mean; paltry. [Improper.]


An assault with any thing thrown. – Shak.

PELT'ING, ppr.

Striking with something thrown or driven.


A dealer in pelts or raw hides.

PEL'TRY, n. [from pelt, a skin.]

The skins of animals producing fur; skins in general, with the fur on them; furs in general. – Smollett.


Pertaining to the pelvis. – Lawrence. Med. Journ.

PEL-VIM'E-TER, n. [L. pelvis and Gr. μετρον, measure.]

An instrument to measure the dimensions of the female pelvis. – Coxe.

PEL'VIS, n. [L. pelvis, a basin.]

The cavity of the body formed by the os sacrum, os coccygis, and ossa innominata, constituting the lower part of the abdomen.


Meat cured, pulverized, and mixed with fat. It contains much nutriment in small compass, and is of great use in long voyages of exploration.

PEN, n.1 [L. penna; Sax. pinn; D. pen; It. penna, a feather, a pen, and a top; W. pen, top, summit, head; Ir. beann, beinn, written also ben. The Celtic nations called the peak of a mountain, ben or pen. Hence the name Apennine, applied to the mountains of Italy. It may belong to the same root as L. pinna, a fin, that is a shoot or point.]

  1. An instrument used for writing, usually made of the quill of some large fowl, but it may be of any other material.
  2. A feather; a wing. [Not used.] – Spenser.

PEN, n.2 [Sax. pinan, to press, or pyndan, to pound or shut up; both probably from one root.]

A small inclosure for beasts, as for cows or sheep.

PEN, v.t.1 [pret. and pp. penned.]

To write; to compose and commit to paper. – Addison.

PEN, v.t.2 [pret. and pp. penned or pent.]

To shut in a pen; to confine in a small inclosure; to coop; to confine in a narrow place; usually followed by up, which is redundant. – Boyle. Milton.

PE'NAL, a. [Fr. and Sp. id.; It. penale; from L. pœna, Gr. ποινη, pain, punishment. See Pain.]

  1. Enacting punishment; denouncing the punishment of offenses; as, a penal law or statute; the penal code. Penal statutes must be construed strictly. – Blackstone.
  2. Inflicting punishment. Adamantine chains and penal fire. – Milton.
  3. Incurring punishment; subject to a penalty; as, a penal act or offense.


Liableness or condemnation to punishment. [Not used.] – Brown.

PE'NAL-LY, adv.

In a penal manner.

PEN'AL-TY, n. [It. penalità; Sp. penalidad. See Penal.]

  1. The suffering in person or property which is annexed by law or judicial decision to the commission of a crime, offense or trespass, as a punishment. A fine is a pecuniary penalty. The usual penalties inflicted on the person, are whipping, cropping, branding, imprisonment, hard labor, transportation or death.
  2. The suffering to which a person subjects himself by covenant or agreement, in case of non-fulfillment of his stipulations; the forfeiture or sum to be forfeited for non-payment, or for non-compliance with an agreement; as, the penalty of a bond.

PEN'ANCE, n. [Sp. penante, from penar, It. penare, to suffer pain. See Pain.]

  1. The suffering, labor or pain to which a person voluntarily subjects himself, or which is imposed on him by authority as a punishment for his faults, or as an expression of penitence; such as fasting, flagellation, wearing chains, &c. Penance is one of the seven sacraments of the Romish church. – Encyc.
  2. Repentance.

PE-NA'TES, n. [plur.]

The household gods of the ancient Italians.

PENCE, n. [pens.]

The plural of Penny, when used of a sum of money or value. When pieces of coin are mentioned, we use Pennies.

PEN'CHANT, n. [paunshaun; Fr.]