Dictionary: OUT-WEAR' – O-VA'RI-AN

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OUT-WEAR', v.t.

  1. To wear out. [Not used.] Donne.
  2. To pass tediously to the end. By the stream, if I the night outwear. Pope.
  3. To last longer than something else. [This is the common signification.]

OUT-WEED', v.t.

To weed out; to extirpate, as a weed. Spenser.

OUT-WEEP', v.t.

To exceed in weeping. Dryden.

OUT-WEIGH', v.t. [outwa'y. See Weigh.]

  1. To exceed in weight. Wilkins.
  2. To exceed in value, influence or importance. One self-approving hour whole years outweighs / Of stupid starers and of loud huzzas. Pope.


Exceeded in weight, value or importance.


ppr, Exceeding in weight, value or influence.

OUT-WELL', v.t. [or v. i.]

To pour out. [Not used.] Spenser.

OUT-WENT', v. [pret. of Outgo.]

OUT-WHORE', v.t.

To exceed in lewdness. Pope.

OUT-WIN', v.t.

To get out of. [Not used.] Spenser.

OUT-WIND', v.t.

To extricate by winding; to unloose. More.

OUT-WING', v.t.

To move faster on the wing; to outstrip. Garth.

OUT-WIT', v.t.

To surpass in design or stratagem; to overreach; to defeat or frustrate by superior ingenuity. Dryden.


Overreached; defeated by stratagem, or by superior ingenuity.


The part of a fortification most remote from the main fortress or citadel. Bacon.

OUT-WORN', pp. [See Wear.]

Worn out; consumed by use. Milton.

OUT-WORTH', v.t.

To exceed in value. Shak.

OUT-WREST', v.t. [outrest'.]

To extort; to draw from or forth by violence. Spenser.

OUT-WRITE', v.t. [outri'te.]

To surpass in writing. Addison.

OUT-WROUGHT', pp. [outraut'.]

[See Work.] Outdone; exceeded in act or efficacy.

OUT-ZA'NY, v.t. [See Zany.]

To exceed in buffoonery.

O'VAL, a. [Fr. ovale, from L. ovum, an egg.]

  1. Of the shape or figure of an egg; oblong; curvilinear, with both ends of the same breadth; resembling the longitudinal section of an egg. Encyc.
  2. Pertaining to eggs; done in the egg; as, oval conceptions. Brown.

O'VAL, n.

A body or figure in the shape of an egg. Watts.



O-VA'RI-AN, a.

Belonging to the female ovaria.