Dictionary: FRUS'TRA-TO-RY – FU'EL

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That makes void; that vacates or renders null; as, a frustratory appeal. Ayliffe.

FRUS'TUM, n. [L. See Frustrate.]

A piece or part of a solid body separated from the rest. The frustum of a cone, is the part that remains after the top is cut off by a plane parallel to the base; called otherwise a truncated cone. Encyc.

FRU-TES'CENT, a. [L. frutex, a shrub.]

In botany, from herbaceous becoming shrubby; as, a frutescent stem. Martyn.

FRU'TEX, n. [L.]

In botany, a shrub; a plant having a woody, durable stem, but less than a tree. Milne.


Full of shoots. Evelyn.

FRU'TI-COUS, a. [L. fruticosus.]

Shrubby; as, a fruticous stem.

FRY, n. [Fr. frai, from the verb.]

  1. A swarm or crowd of little fish; so called from their crowding, tumbling and agitation. [So Sp. hervir, to swarm or be crowded, from L. ferveo, and vulgarly boiling is used for a crowd.] Milton.
  2. A dish of any thing fried.
  3. A kind of sieve. [Not used in America.] Mortimer.

FRY, v.i.

  1. To be heated and agitated; to suffer the action of fire or extreme heat.
  2. To ferment, as in the stomach. Bacon.
  3. To be agitated; to boil. Dryden.

FRY, v.t. [L. frigo; Gr. φρυγω; Sp. freir; It. friggere; Port. frigir; Fr. frire; Ir. friochtalaim. The sense is nearly the same as in boil, or broil, to agitate, to fret.]

To dress with fat by heating or roasting in a pan over a fire; to cook and prepare for eating in a fryingpan; as, to fry meat or vegetables.

FRY'ING, ppr.

Dressing in a fryingpan; heating; agitating.


A pan with a long handle, used for frying meat and vegetables.

FUB, n.

A plump boy; a woman. [Not in use.] Todd.

FUB, v.t.

To put off; to delay; to cheat. [See Fob.] Shak.

FU'CATE, or FU'CA-TED, a. [L. fucatus, from fuco, to stain.]

Painted; disguised with paint; also disguised with false show. Johnson.

FU'COID, n. [See Fucus.]

Fossil sea-weed. Hitchcock.

FU'CUS, n. [L. See Feign.]

  1. A paint; a dye; also false show. B. Jonson. Sandys.
  2. plur. fucuses, in botany, a genus of Algae, or sea-weeds; the sea-wrack, &c. Encyc.

FUD'DER, n. [of lead. See FOTHER.]

FUD'DLE, v.i.

To drink to excess. L'Estrange.

FUD'DLE, v.t.

To make drunk; to intoxicate. Thomson.


Drunk; intoxicated.


A drunkard. Baxter.


Intoxicating; drinking to excess.


a word of contempt.

FUEIL-MORT, n. [Fr. a dead leaf.]

The color of a withered leaf.

FU'EL, n. [from Fr. feu, fire, contracted from Sp. fuego, It. fuoco, L. focus.]

  1. Any matter which serves as aliment to fire; that which feeds fire; combustible matter, as wood, coal, peat, &c.
  2. Any thing that serves to feed or increase flame, heat or excitement.