Lexicon: joint – journey

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joint, v. [see joint, n. and join, v.]

Join the parts of; unite the segments of; make contiguous the pieces of; [fig.] resurrect; restore the whole body of; make separated parts as one again.

jointed, verbal adj. [see joint, n.]

Split; akimbo; zigzagged; jagged; notched; segmented; branching; having junctures.

joke, n. [L. jocus, jest, joke, sport.]

Jest; prank; trick; antic; caper; surprise; wit; fun; levity; mortality of sacred things; [fig.] pretension; make-believe; [metaphor] divine comedy of death that the Lord will someday return to life.

jolly, adj. [OFr jolif, gay, merry, amorous, festive, gallant, well dressed, attractive.] (webplay: life).

  1. Silly; mirthful; merry; [fig.] active; lively; animated; fast falling; quickly moving.
  2. Gay; merry; jovial; lively; [fig.] swaying in the breeze.

jolt, v. [unknown origin.]

Shock; shake suddenly; strike in punishment; shove with short abrupt rising and falling.

Jordan, proper n. [L. possibly < Heb. jarden, channel or yarod, descend.]

River in the Middle East; waterway flowing down from the Sea of Galilee to the Dead Sea; site of sacred events in the Holy Land; place where Jesus Christ was baptized by John the Baptist (see Matthew 3:13); [fig.] death.

jostle, v. [OFr juste-r < L. juxtre, approach, come together, meet < L. juxt, near together.]

Push; shake; rustle; gently nudge.

jostled, verbal adj. [see jostle, v.]

Troubled; burdened; disturbed; [fig.] upset; shocked; grief-struck.

jot (-s), v. [L. iōta < Gk. smallest letter, 'I'.]

Mean; denote; import; have significance; [word play “jot down”] record; scribble; write quickly.

journey (-s), n. [OFr jornee.] (webplay: day, land, pass, time, travel, water).

  1. Travels; passage from one place to another; [fig.] flight; trajectory; migration; movement through the air.
  2. Pilgrimage; [fig.] passage through life; progression toward perfection.
  3. Load; amount carried in one trip.
  4. Wandering; drifting; [fig.] lack of focus; absence of perception.
  5. Ascension; rising into heaven in a chariot of fire (2 Kings 2:11-12).
  6. Locomotion; moving; creeping; careful crawling.
  7. Trip; quest; excursion.