Lexicon: Englandly – enlighten

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Englandly, adv. [see New Englandly, adv. and New England, proper n.]

English, proper adj. [OE < L. < Germanic 'hook-shaped'.]

Of Great Britain; pertaining to the United Kingdom; originating with the Anglo-Saxon tribes; based on West Germanic dialects.

engross (-ed), v. [Fr. en gros, 'in the lump'.] (webplay: men, time, worldly).

Envelop; engulf; surround; enclose; overtake; swallow up.

engrossed, verbal adj. [see engross, v.] (webplay: advantage, hand, open, take).

Occupied; engaged; attentive; interested; fascinated; completely absorbed.

engulph, v. [see gulf, n.]

Envelop; surround; overtake.

enhance (-s, -ing), v. [AFr.] (webplay: qualities, value).

Improve; magnify; heighten; cause to become more impressive.

enjoin (-ing), v. [see join, v.]

Encourage; inspire; embolden; order; direct; call for; push for; [legal] issue an injunction for; [oxymoron of “join” and “part”] persuade and compel.

enlarge (-s, -ing), v. [see large, adj.] (webplay: his, speaking).

Augment; amplify; magnify; expand; extend; heighten; widen; enhance; make larger; increase in scope.

enlarged, verbal adj. [see large, adj.] (webplay: appearance, his, God, growth, increase, mind, make, man, you).

Big; great; large; broad; made more extensive; improved; better.

enlighten (-ed, -ing), v. [see light, n.] (webplay: eyes, give, light).

  1. Give insight; impart clarity; become aware; endow with illumination; render knowledgeable; grant instruction that sheds light.
  2. Teach; instruct; edify; clarify; illuminate; elucidate; impart knowledge; make a situation clear.