Lexicon: vacant – vail

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vacant, adj. [OFr < L. vacans, to be empty.]

Empty; idle; useless; not employed; unoccupied with work.

vacant, adv. [see vacant, adj.] (webplay: business, care, face, houses, leave).

Blindly; unknowingly; without recognition; showing no emotion.

vacation, n. [OFr < L. vacare, empty, free.] (webplay: spiritual, spiritualities, term).

  1. Void; vacancy; emptiness; absence.
  2. Intermission; recess; rest period.

vacillating (vascillating), verbal adj. [L. vacillāt-, stem of vacillāre, sway, stagger, totter.] (webplay: other, way).

  1. Unsteady; stumbling; unstable; hesitating.
  2. Wavering; fluctuating; changeable; inconsistent; shifty; [fig.] unreliable; capricious.

vacuum, n. [L. 'empty'.] (webplay: being, nature, only, unfilled).

Void; emptiness; vacancy; space devoid of anything; [fig.] loss; loneliness; desolation; emotional bleakness.

vagabond, n. [OFr < L. vagārī, to wander.]

Vagrant; wanderer; stranger; alien; outsider; fugitive (see Genesis 4:12).

vagrant, n. [ME vagaraunt.]

Hobo; tramp; drifter; transient; homeless person; person who loiters.

vague, adj. [Fr. < L. vag-us, wandering, inconstant, uncertain.]

  1. Fuzzy; not clear; out of focus; [fig.] almost forgotten.
  2. Indefinite; evasive; nebulous.

vail (veil), n. [AFr < L. vēlum, sail, curtain.] (webplay: eastern, faces, hide, never, show, sight, something).

  1. Ground cover; [fig.] yardage of snow; white layer of snow coverage.
  2. Net; gauze; scarf; gossamer headdress; sheer silken cloth; lacy material used to protect the face; filmy piece of fabric to hide the face.
  3. Curtain; partition; screen; [fig.] boundary between mortality and immortality.
  4. Mantle; drapery; cloak; pall.
  5. Phrase. “walk within the Vail”: enter the most holy place; go into the presence God; priesthood garments; (see Exodus 26:33-34).

vail (-ing), v. [OFr veler.] (webplay: among, faces, hide, kind, never, sight).

  1. Cover; conceal; hide.
  2. Drape; cause to flow; make a trail with.
  3. Protect; shield; screen to avoid being overwhelmed by intense light (see Exodus 34:35).
  4. Shroud; encircle; surround; wrap in winding clothes.