Lexicon: yacht – yellow

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yacht, n. [Du. jaghte, ship for chasing.]

Boat; sloop; schooner; stately water craft; royal vessel; [fig.] source of inspiration; lover who provides motivation; one who bears another in the journey of life.

yard (-s), n. [OE geard, fence, house, dwelling, region.] (webplay: small).

  1. Fabric; textile; dry goods; bolt of cloth; unit of measure for material; [fig.] blue expanse; sunlit sky; infinite atmosphere; broad canopy; [word play] territory; grounds; court; area of land.
  2. Groundcover; carpet of pine needles.

yarn, n. [OE gearn.]

Spun thread; hard, fibrous, silky protein that a spider produces to make a web; [fig.] tale; story; sophistry; intricate narration.

yawn, v. [OE ginian, to gape.]

Open; gape; spread apart the mouth widely; [fig.] swallow; devour; be discontent; reject a substitute.

yawning, verbal adj. [see yawn, v.]

Expanding; growing; abyss-like; [fig.] fearful; nervous.

yclept, v. [OE geclypian, make a sound; past participle form.]

Called; named; designated; labeled; considered.

ye, pron. [OE; see you, pron.; nominative plural of the second person; address to another in sacred style.] (webplay: solemn).

  1. [Apostrophe; direct address to unseen beings not present.]
  2. [Direct address to creatures or aspects of nature] you.
  3. [Direct address to people] you.

year (-s, -'s), n. [OE géar, time, season.] (webplay: age, day, first, month, old, period, revolting, sun, time).

Period of twelve months; cycle of 365 days; one revolution of the earth around the sun.

yearn (-s), v. [OE giorna.] (webplay: end).

Hanker; pine; mournfully desire; having a longing for.

yellow (-er), adj. [OE geolu.]

  1. Golden; aureate; bright; radiant; brilliant; vivid.
  2. Sunlit; shining; luminous; light giving; [fig.] final; last.
  3. Loud; penetrating.
  4. Warm; sunny; temperate.
  5. Eternal; everlasting.
  6. Sharp; keen; acute; narrow; [fig.] jaundiced; resentful; critical.
  7. Royal; majestic; glorious; godly.
  8. Mortal; human; [fig.] kindly; charitable; generous.
  9. Simple; humble; pious; god-fearing.