Lexicon: da – dam

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da, prep. [Port. 'of the' < L. de, from, off, concerning; see auto da fe, n.]

daffodil (-s), adj. [see daffodil, n.]

Golden; aureate; rich as a supply of gold coins.

daffodil (-s), n. [med. L. affodillus; the initial /d/ may be the result of regressive assimilation; see asphodel.] (webplay: flowers, purple, yellow).

  1. Hardy yellow perennial flower; trumpet-like blossom of early spring; [fig.] symbol of new life.
  2. Bulbous blooming plant; golden cup-shaped bloom on a long stem; [personification] lady wearing a ruffled cap or dress.
  3. Yellow color; golden light of sunset.
  4. Jonquil; little narcissus blossom; plant of the genus Narcissus whose blossoms are yellow, white, or purple; [fig.] poem; verse accompanied by a pressed garden flower.
  5. Dormant floral bulb; [fig.] rejuvenation; symbol of death, burial, life, and resurrection.

daily, adj. [see day, n.] (webplay: every).

  1. Perpetual; constant; continuous; occurring every day; (see Daniel 12:11).
  2. Humble; lowly; every day; not elevated; [fig.] mortal; earthly; pertaining to this life; (see Luke 11:3).
  3. Common; ordinary; frequent; familiar; routine; (see Acts 17:17).

daily, adv. [see day, n.]

Happening each day; every day; day by day; (see Numbers 28:24).

daintily, adv. [see dainty, adj.]

Delicately; politely; softly.

dainty (daintier), adj. [OFr deintié, pleasure < L. dignitātem, worthiness, worth, beauty.] (webplay: fine).

  1. Shy; modest; timid.
  2. Delicate; tiny; small; perfect in details.

dainty (daintier), adv. [see dainty, adj.]

  1. Tenderly; exquisitely; sensitively; poignantly; piercingly; penetratingly; excruciatingly.
  2. Fragilely; delicately; intricately; beautifully but vulnerably; [fig.] nicely; pleasingly; deliciously; having tasty morsels; like a savory delicacy (see Job 33:20).

daisy (daisies), n. [OE dæges ēage, eye of day.] (webplay: globe, greater).

  1. Graveyard flower; funeral blossom; [fig.] death; other deceased people.
  2. Common flower having a center like a gold coin; popular bloom with a yellow disk and a ray of white petals; [fig.] handmaiden; disciple; follower; ordinary being; mortal person.
  3. Simple floral gift; [fig.] commoner; humble servant.
  4. Flourishing plant; field blossom; garden bloom; [personification] multitude; human race; people of a nation.
  5. Perennial bloom; early spring flower; blossom that returns annually; [fig.] resurrected one; rejuvenated being; restored life.
  6. Margarita; bloom that closes its petals at night and opens them in the morning; blossoming plant that grows abundantly on grassy hills and meadows.

dam (-s), n. [OFris. < Goth. faurdammjan, stop up.] (webplay: earth, water).

Barrier; barricade; obstacle; obstructor of water.