Lexicon: habiliment – halcyon

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habiliment (-s), n. [OFr habile, fit, suitable.]

Clothes; clothing; raiment; garments; physical attire; outward appearance; [fig.] springtime renewals; beauties in Nature.

habit, n. [OFr < L. habitus.] (webplay: children, custom, year).

  1. Demeanor; expression; examination; countenance.
  2. Ordinary occurrence; repeated experience; regular repetition; [fig.] witnessing death frequently; [word play] tunic; grave clothes; dress worn by a nun.
  3. Role; trait; quality; [word play] clothing; crown of laurel for a prize-winning poet; [fig.] fragrant flower.
  4. Appearance; aspect; [word play] custom; culture; comfortable convention.
  5. Phrase. “In the habit of”: accustomed to.

habitation, n. [Fr. < L. habitāre, dwell.]

Home; abode; dwelling; resting place; [fig.] cocoon; butterfly casing; covering of a dormant caterpillar during metamorphosis.

had, v. [see have, v.]

had'nt, v. [see have, v.]

had'st (hadst), v. [see have, v.]

haggard, adj. [Fr. hagard, wild, strange.]

Poor; lean; meager; wretched; pathetic.

hair (-'s), n. [OE hér < Germanic.] (webplay: distance, filament, fine, go, growth, hollow, long, judges, part, short, small, thing).

  1. Millimeter; very small measure; extremely short distance.
  2. Coiffure; natural head covering; mass of filaments growing from the scalp.
  3. Strand; small filament; fiber issuing out of the skin from a follicle.
  4. String; single strand of rope; [fig.] last chance; final opportunity.

hairbreadth, adj. [see hair, n.; breadth, n.]

Narrow; close; [fig.] risky; dangerous; almost not achieved; too close for comfort.

halcyon, adj. [L. < Gk. 'kingfisher'.] (webplay: happy).

  1. Calm; quiet; mild; peaceful; tranquil; undisturbed; [word play] like a kingfisher bird's whistle in the winter solstice.
  2. Fine; blessed; dainty; exquisite; prosperous.