Lexicon: o' – object

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o', prep. [see of, prep.]

oak (-s), n. [Germanic.]

  1. Durable hardwood tree; large rooted plant of the genus Quercus.
  2. Deciduous tree with branches and leaves; [personification] steadfast being; immovable entity.
  3. Phrase. “Oak tree”: woody plant; [fig.] enduring standard; symbol of integrity.

oar (-s), n. [OE ár.]

  1. Navigation tool; [fig.] wings of a bird.
  2. Implement; tool; instrument; [fig.] means of moving from life to death.
  3. Paddle; water navigation pole; wooden staff for rowing.

oath, n. [Common Germanic.]

  1. Curse; imprecation; profanity; swear word; [word play] prayer; petition for help; appeal to God.
  2. Pledge; promise.

obdurate, adj. [L. 'hardened, hardened in heart'.]

Unyielding; hardened; stubborn; impossible to change.

obedient, adj. [ME < AN and OFr < L. obēdīre, to giver ear, harken, obey.]

Submissive; willing to obey.

obeisance, n. [Fr., see obey, v.]

Bowing; deference; act of reverence; [fig.] obedience; faithfulness; sign of loyalty; demonstration of fidelity.

obelisk, n. [L. 'small spit', < Gk. 'pointed pillar'.]

Monument; empty tomb; stone grave maker; memorial sculpture honoring the dead.

obey (-ed), v. [ME < AN and OFr < L. obēdīre, to give ear, harken, obey.]

Submit; comply; act according to the commands of a sovereign.

object (-'s), n. [L. 'to throw towards or against, expose' < ob + jacěre, to throw, place.]

  1. Entity; item; element; concrete thing; [fig.] individual; being; creature.
  2. Motivation.
  3. Body; [fig.] corpse; drowning victim.