Lexicon: pace – paid'st

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pace, n. [OFr < L. passum, step, stretch.] (webplay: between, feet, measure, slow, whole).

  1. Motion; gait; stride; traveling speed; manner or rate of walking; advance.
  2. Step; small distance; space equal to the distance between two feet in walking.

pace (-s), v. [see pace, n.]

Pulsate; undulate; throb; roll; move in regular rhythm.

pack, n. [ME pakke.]

(webplay; back). Burden; load.

pack (-ed), v. [see pack, n.] (webplay: depart, kept, order).

  1. Store; stow away; press together in a package; bind together in a bundle.
  2. Arrange; replenish; fill again; prepare for departure.
  3. Secure; hold tightly together; keep closed until ready; [fig.] protect; shield from danger.

package, n. [see pack, n.]

Box; bundle; compartment; quantity bound together; [fig.] coffin; casket; [metaphor] corpse; body.

paean (-s), n. [L. < Gk παιάν, hymn or chant, especially addressed to Apollo (Pæan), the physician of the gods.]

Anthem; ode; song of triumph; hymn of praise; thanksgiving for deliverance in battle.

page (-s), n. [Fr.] (webplay: book, child, great, history, small, writing).

  1. Minor servant; youthful attendant; insignificant one who runs errands for an important person.
  2. Sheet of paper; single leaf bound in a book.
  3. Text; words; message.
  4. Wrinkle; worry line; imprint; sign; [fig.] chronicle; record; journal; account; collection of annals.

pageant (-s), n. [Late ME pagyn.] (webplay: pompous).

  1. Show; exhibit; display; performance.
  2. Parade; pompous retinue; ostentatious show; regal exhibition.
  3. Funeral procession; burial cortege; memorial ceremony.

pageantry, n. [see pageant, n.] (webplay: flags, pompous, triumph).

  1. Show; spectacle; ceremony; solemnity; pomp; ostentatiousness; fanfare.
  2. Row of regal flags; procession of triumphant banners; [fig.] bed of flowers; exhibition of brightly colored blooms.

paid'st, v. [see pay, v.]