Lexicon: ulterior – unaccustomed

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ulterior, n. [L. 'more distant'.] (webplay: further).

Another end; further aim; more remote position.

ultimate, adj. [L. 'at the end'.] (webplay: end, ends, further).

Final; conclusive; decisive; extreme; terminal; unmistakable; last in a series; [fig.] deadly; deathly; lethal; mortal.

ultimate (-s), n. [see ultimate, adj.]

  1. Goal; aim; purpose; main object.
  2. Destiny; teleology; inherent design; natural consequence; [metaphor] future; hereafter; afterlife; [antithesis] boundary; frontier; limit; threshold; [fig.] death; point of no return; end of action in.
  3. Apex; furthest point; highest altitude.

umber, adj. [see umber, n.] (webplay: color, hue).

Brown; dark; rusty; color of iron ore.

umber, n. [OFr < L. 'shade, shadow'.]

Brunette; brown pigment; darker skin tone.

umbrella (-'s), n. [It. < L. umbra, shade.]

  1. Screen; shield; sunshade; protective covering; [fig.] set of wings.
  2. Circular sun shield; hand-held provider of shade for one's head; instrument of protection from the rain or other elements.

umpire, n. [ME < OFr non + per, peerless < L. par-em, equal.]

Referee; intermediary; go-between; [fig.] judge; advocate; arbitrator; magistrate; negotiator; legal counsel; defense attorney; mediator in a disagreement; third party who decides between disputants in a controversy; [metaphor] liaison; ally at a royal court; contact person for social or political advancement.

unabated, verbal adj. [see abate, v.]

Intensified; not diminished.

unable, adv. [see able, v.]

Impossible; inconceivable; not able; not subject; not appointed; not constituted; [fig.] not called; not assigned; not named; not designated.

unaccustomed, verbal adj. [see accustom, v.]

Rare; strange; unfamiliar; not well known; hard to find; not easy to obtain; [transferred modifier] “I bring wine to long-parched lips not accustomed to drinking.”