Lexicon: rabbi – rag

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rabbi, n. [L. < Heb. rabbī, my master.]

Teacher; mentor; learned man; spiritual guide; Jewish term for a teacher who gives religious instruction to disciples; [fig.] Lord; Master; Jesus Christ (see John 1:49).

race, n1. [Fr. < It. razza.] (webplay: glory, run).

Species; breed; stock; family; lineage; group of similar beings.

race (-s), n2. [ON rás, running, race, rush of water.] (webplay: come, family, feet, go, horses, rapid, ride, run, wine).

  1. Pursuit; chase; swift movement; act of rushing; running contest; competition of speed; fast forward motion.
  2. Course; journey; progression; steady movement toward a goal; [fig.] life; continued course of existence after death.

rack, n. [OE reccan; related to Ger. rackbank, rack for drawing wire, stretching leather, or inflicting torture.] (webplay: bones, fly, mind, sky, torture).

Instrument of torture; medieval stretching machine used for punishment; [fig.] extreme pain; physical agony; bodily torment; suffering of the flesh; [metaphor] trial; difficulty; adversity; affliction.

rack (-ed), v. [see rack, n.] (webplay: anguish, strain).

Torture; torment; stretch; strain; pull to the limits of capacity.

racket, n. [Probably onomatopoetic.]

Noise; blare; clamor; disagreeably loud sound.

raffle, v. [Fr. rafler, sweep away.] (webplay: hazards).

Bet; gamble; wager; place high stakes; cast dice in attempt to win a prize; engage in a game of chance.

raft, n. [ON rapt-r, rafter.] (webplay: away).

Pontoon; floating transport; lightweight craft; [fig.] current; puff; gust; breeze.

rafter (-s), n. [OE ræfter; see raft; NW says rafter, cover.] (webplay: building, roof).

  1. Beam; girder; joist; supporting timber on the underside of a roof.
  2. Support; [fig.] foundation; basis; tangible evidence; logical confirmation; reasonable grounds for belief.
  3. Inner lid; coffin lining.

rag (-s), n. [ME ragge < ON rogg, tuft or strip of fur; NW says Saxon hracod, torn or old clothes.]

Worn clothing; threadbare garment; tattered appearance; shabby apparel of the poor; [fig] cloud; sunset color.