Lexicon: quietness – quoth

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quietness, n. [see quiet, adj.] (webplay: grief).

Silence; soundlessness; absence of noise; [fig.] peacefulness; calm; serenity; tranquility.

quit, v. [OFr < L. quiētāre, make quiet, put in quiet, set free, absolve; see quiet.]

Stop; cease; end; discontinue; fail to persist.

quite, adv. [OFr = L. quitus, unmolested, free, clear.]

  1. Very; rather; particularly; especially; extremely; remarkably.
  2. Completely; wholly; altogether; entirely; absolutely; perfectly.
  3. Equally; just.

quiver (-ed, -s), v. [Prob. onomatopoetic origin.] (webplay: cooling, fly, green, heat, play, trill, wind).

  1. Quake; shake; shiver; tremble; shudder.
  2. Flutter; ripple; [fig.] float; waft; drift; blow; move fitfully.
  3. Vibrate; [fig.] warble; twitter; carol; produce sweetly modulated musical tones.

quivering, n. [see quiver.]

Trembling; quaking; act of shaking; [fig.] sorrow; grief; sadness; disappointment; pain; suffering.

quivering, verbal adj. [see quiver, v.] (webplay: ground, move).

  1. Frightening; overwhelming; staggering.
  2. Halting; stuttering; [fig.] humble; abject; meek; modest.
  3. Shivering; trembling; tremulous; quaking; shuddering.

quoth, v. [OE cweðan < OGerm. *kweþan; past tense of quethe, to speak, say, tell, declare.] (webplay: say).

Said; spoke; uttered; asserted; stated; [fig.] accused; charged.