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TRUF'FLE, n. [Fr. truffe; Sp. trufa, deceit, imposition, and truffles; and if this vegetable is named from its growth under ground, it accords with It. traffare, to deceive.]

A subterraneous vegetable production, a kind of mushroom, of a fleshy fungous structure and roundish figure; an esculent substance, much esteemed. It is of the genus Tuber. Cyc.


A worm found in truffles, the larva of a fly. Cyc.

TRUG, n.

A hod. This is our trough and tray; the original pronunciation being retained in some parts of England. The word was also used formerly for a measure of wheat, as much, I suppose, as was carried in a trough; three trugs making two bushels.

TRU'ISM, n. [from true.]

An undoubted or self-evident truth. Trifling truisms clothed in great swelling words of vanity. J. P. Smith.

TRULL, n. [W. troilaw, to troll or roll, whence stroll; or truliaw, to drill. Qu. Gr. ματρυλλη.]

A low vagrant strumpet.

TRUL-LI-ZA'TION, n. [L. trullisso.]

The laying of strata of plaster with a trowel.

TRU'LY, adv. [from true.]

  1. In fact; in deed; in reality.
  2. According to truth; in agreement with fact; as, to see things truly; the facts are truly represented.
  3. Sincerely; honestly; really; faithfully; as, to be truly attached to a lover. The citizens are truly loyal to their prince or their country.
  4. Exactly; justly; as, to estimate truly the weight of evidence.

TRUMP, n. [It. tromba; Gaelic, trompa. See Trumpet.]

  1. A trumpet; a wind instrument of music; a poetical word used for trumpet. It is seldom used in prose, in common discourse; but is used in Scripture, where it seems peculiarly appropriate to the grandeur of the subject. At the last trump; for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised. 1 Cor. xv. 1 Thess iv.
  2. [contracted from triumph; It. trionfo, Fr. triomphe.] A winning card; one of the suit of cards which takes any of the other suits.
  3. An old game with cards. To put to the trumps, or To put on the trumps, to reduce to the last expedient, or to the utmost exertion of power.

TRUMP, v.i.

To blow a trumpet. Wickliffe.

TRUMP, v.t.

  1. To take with a trump card.
  2. To obtrude; also, to deceive. [Fr. tromper.] [Not in use.] To trump up, to devise; to seek and collect from every quarter.


Taken with a trump card.

TRUMP'ER-Y, n. [Fr. tromperie.]

  1. Falsehood; empty talk. Ralegh.
  2. Useless matter; things worn out and cast aside. [This is the sense of the word in New England.]

TRUMP'ET, n. [It. tromba, trombetta; Sp. trompa, trompeta; Fr. trompette; Gaelic, trompa, trompaid; G. trompete; D. and Sw. trompet; Dan. trompette; Arm. trompett. The radical letters and the origin are not ascertained.]

  1. A wind instrument of music, used chiefly in war and military exercises. It is very useful also at sea, in speaking with ships. There is a speaking trumpet, and a hearing trumpet. They both consist of long tubular bodies, nearly in the form of a parabolic conoid, with wide mouths. The trumpet's loud clangor / Excites us to arms. Dryden.
  2. In the military style, a trumpeter. He wisely desired that a trumpet might be first sent for a pass. Clarendon.
  3. One who praises or propagates praise, or is the instrument of propagating it. A great politician was pleased to be the trumpet of his praises.

TRUMP'ET, v.t.

To publish by sound of trumpet; also, to proclaim; as, to trumpet good tidings. They did nothing but publish and trumpet all the reproaches they could devise against the Irish. Bacon.


A call at the sound of the trumpet.


Sounded abroad; proclaimed.


  1. One who sounds a trumpet. Dryden.
  2. One who proclaims, publishes or denounces. These men are good trumpeters. Bacon.
  3. A bird, a variety of the domestic pigeon. Also, a bird of South America, the agami, of the genus Psophia, about the size of the domestic fowl; so called from its uttering a hollow noise, like that of a trumpet. Cyc. Ed. Encyc.


A fish of the genus Centriscus, (C. scolopax;) called also the bellows fish. Cyc.


A flower of the genus Bignonia, another of the genus Tecoma, and another still of the genus Lonicera. Cyc.


A plant of the genus Lonicera.


Blowing the trumpet; proclaiming.


The name of a genus of univalvular shells, of the form of a trumpet, (Buccinum, Linnæus.) Cyc.


Having a tongue vociferous as a trumpet. Shak.


Taking with a trump card.


Resembling a trumpet. Chapman.