Lexicon: classifying – clear

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classifying, n. [see classify, v.]

Grouping; categorizing; arrangement; distribution; means of distinguishing one from another; [fig.] selection; order.

Claus, proper n. [clipping of the name “Nicholas”; see Santa Claus, proper n.]

clause, n. [OFr < med. L. clausula, close of a period or formula, conclusion.] (webplay: proviso, sentence, will).

  1. Constituent; element; section in a will and testament.
  2. Phrase; short sentence; formal statement; distinct part of an expression; [polysemy] provision in a prisoner's penalty document.
  3. Article; stipulation; proposition in a legal document; [metonymy] law; justice system.

claw (-s), n. [OE.] (webplay: away, bird, escape, hand, windward).

  1. Curved part of a bird's foot; [fig.] ballet slipper.
  2. Talon; hook.
  3. Grasp; grip; clasp; clutches.
  4. Phrase. “the Claw of Dragon”: the devil's enmity; [kenning] danger; death; evil.

claw (-ed), v. [OE.]

Scratch; tear; rend; rip; split; [fig.] snatch; grasp; grab at.

clay, n. [OE claez < clam, cloam, earth, potter's clay.] (webplay: name, touch).

Earth; soil; basic elements; earthly part of human body; material of the human body (Genesis 2:7); human body as distinguished from the spirit.

clean, adv. [OE < OHG chleini, clear, pure, clean, neat, delicate, fine, tiny, small, puny.]

Wholly; entirely; absolutely; completely; totally; fully consuming.

clear, adj. [ME < L. clar-um, bright, clear, manifest, plain, brilliant, illustrious, famous.] (webplay: care, faithful, shining, sound, spots, victory).

Pure; ringing; distinctly audible; [fig.] unmixed; not muted; without the interference of other noises.

clear (clearer), adv. [see clear, adj.] (webplay: day, faithful, foreign, mind).

  1. Unambiguously; easily; intelligibly.
  2. Distinctly; audibly; not obscurely; [fig.] boldly.
  3. Easily; plainly; unmistakably; obviously; decidedly; without doubt.
  4. Naturally; normally; actually; effectively; spontaneously.
  5. Visibly; unmistakably; in focus.
  6. Better; more discernibly.

clear (cleared), v. [see clear, adj.] (webplay: shining, sound, spots).

Phrase. “clear away”: remove; dissipate; disperse.