Lexicon: coral – cork

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coral (-s), n. [OFr < Gk. κοράλλιον, red coral.]

Ocean formation; rock-like sea deposit; marine structure of carbonate of lime and animal matter; [metonymy] red tinted reef; [fig.] side of a volcano crater; [metaphor] volatile personality.

cord (-s), n. [Fr. corde, string of a musical instrument, string, rope, cord < L. chorda < Gk 'gut string'.]

Rope; lash; strong line; tether made of several fiber strands twisted together.

cordage, n. [Fr. < corde, cord; cf. It. cordaggi, tacklings or ropes for ships; see cord, n.] (webplay: ship).

Ropes; tackle; rigging; sailing rig; outfitting; equipage; strong lines of braided fiber used to support the masts and sails of a boat; [word play on L. cor 'heart'] heartstrings; life-sustaining vital organ; center of being, thought, feeling, and so forth in humans; [metaphor] courage; spiritual strength; will to live.

cordial, adj. [med. L. cordiāl-is, heart.] (webplay: life).

  1. Warm; pleasant; invigorating; heartwarming.
  2. Hospitable; welcoming; demonstrating sincere pleasure at receiving a guest.
  3. Friendly; cheerful; affectionate; caring; affable; amiable.

cordiality, n. [see cordial, adj.] (webplay: friends).

  1. Welcome; hospitality; sincere pleasure at receiving a guest.
  2. Affection; warmth; good will; sincere fondness; heartfelt regard.

cordially, adv. [see cordial, adj.] (webplay: receive).

Affectionately; warmly; with sincere pleasure; in a hospitable manner.

Cordillera, proper n. [Sp. 'mountain-chain', < Old Sp. cordilla, string, rope, dim. of cuerda < L. chorda, cord, rope (refers to Andes mountain range).]

  1. Mountain peak; snow-covered mountains; long range of rugged mountains in North and South America.
  2. High mountain; impassable barrier to ascend; peak that seems impossible to climb.

core, n. [appears abt. 1400; uncertain origin.] (webplay: seeds).

Soul; essence; center; innermost portion.

Corinthians, proper n. [poss. Pelasgian kar, point, peak; or Gk koronis, crown, helm-shaped rock.]

One of the books of the New Testament; the first epistle from the Apostle Paul to the Christians at Corinth; [fig.] resurrection; restoration of the mortal body into an immortal state; (see 1 Corinthians 15:21-22 and ED letters).

cork, n. [Sp. corcha < OSp. alcorque, a cork shoe.]

Stopper; plug for closing a bottle of alcoholic beverage; [metonym] alcoholic beverage; inebriating drink; pint of beer; bottle of wine; flask of brandy, whisky, etc.; [metaphor] flower; blossom; bloom; token of creation; aspect of nature; sign of new life.