Lexicon: gable – gala

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gable (-s), n. [probably < ON gafl.] (webplay: eaves, house).

Rooftop reinforcement; triangular support for a housetop; building piece from the cornice to the eaves.

Gabriel (-s), proper n. [Heb. 'valiant man of God'.]

  1. Angel; archangel; divine messenger; holy personage; spiritual being who announced the mission of John the Baptist to Zacharias and the birth of Jesus Christ to Mary; (see Daniel 8 & 9; Luke 1; ED's letters).
  2. Gabriel Lajuenesse; Evangeline's betrothed; male protagonist who dies in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's narrative poem Evangeline.
  3. Songbird; [fig.] oracle; prophet; bearer of glad tidings.

gad, v. [ON gaddr, spike.]

Coax; remove; steal; pry.

gag, v. [onomatopoetic.]

Choke; muzzle; shut down; tie up; stuff with cloth to prevent speech; cover so as to prevent sound; [fig.] stop the sound of.

gaiety, n. [Fr. gaieté.] (webplay: America, showy).

Fair; festival; carnival; pleasing sight; ornate show; decorative object; [fig.] sunset.

gaily, adv. [see gay, adj.]

Joyfully; happily; merrily; ornately; decoratively.

gain (-s), n. [ON gagn.] (webplay: come, conceive, good, grow, hopes, industry, living, lose, measures, mountain, reach, rich, sea, shoulder, take, things, victory, whole, wind).

  1. Shock; stir; excitement; stunned feeling; quickening of heart rate; [fig.] lightning; surge in voltage; charge of electricity.
  2. Blessing; benefit; opposite of loss; [fig.] life; love; poetic inspiration.
  3. Favor; reward; booty; distinction; higher degree.
  4. Profit; increase.

gain (-ed, -ing, -s), v. [Fr. gagner.] (webplay: advance, Christ, come, competitor, difficult, ease, emperor, extend, favor, grow, hopes, land, liberty, live, lose, mountain, nearer, obtain, persuade, possess, prevail, prize, reach, rich, sea, side, soul, superiority, take, things, time, whole, wind, world).

  1. Win; achieve victory; overcome a challenge.
  2. Receive; achieve favor of.
  3. Meet; fly into; [fig.] win.
  4. Reach; arrive at.
  5. Obtain; acquire.

gait, n. [OE gangan < OFris gunga, to walk.] (webplay: go, man, way).

Movement; style of moving; manner of walking; way in which one carries one's self; [fig.] meter; rhythm; poetry; lyrical verse.

gala, adj. [Fr. gala.] (webplay: day).

Festive; fine; glorious; showy; splendid; resplendent; [fig.] happy; joyous.