Lexicon: Gethsemane – giddy

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Gethsemane, proper n. [L. < Gk < Aramaic gath shemani, oil-press.]

  1. Garden on the Mount of Olives; place where Jesus Christ atoned for the sins of mankind; place in Jerusalem where Christ was betrayed and arrested; (see Matthew 26:36).
  2. Scene of agony; circumstance of unimaginable pain; situation of extreme anguish.

ghastly, adj. [gast + lich; NW says Saxon gastilic from gast 'spirit' < German geist < Dutch geest. In Saxon gast is both 'ghost' and 'guest'.]

  1. Death-like; pale; dismal; ghost-like.
  2. Scary; horrible; disgusting; alarming; overwhelming; inciting feelings of shock.

Ghent, proper n. [Dutch prob.< Celtic gant, confluence.]

City in Flanders, Belgium; important location in the Middle Ages; location of the Belfry of Ghent, a tower 91 meters high; death place of the ill-fated hero in Sir Henry Taylor's Philip can Artevelde.

ghost (-s), n. [OE gast; see ghastly, adj.; see Holy Ghost, proper n.]

  1. Spirit; disembodied person; essence of a deceased person.
  2. Phantom; specter; apparition that causes fear.
  3. Spirit of God; third member of the Godhead.
  4. Ancestor; predecessor; previous inhabitant.
  5. Essence; intrinsic meaning.
  6. Wind; breeze; breath of air.

giant, adj. [see giant, n.]

  1. Great; enormous; [fig.] highly significant.
  2. Huge; very large; extraordinary in size; [transferred modifier = “one giant drop of rain.”]
  3. Phrase. “Giant long”: of great length; as long as that of a giant; [adverbial; compare Sw. jätte as an intensifier] gigantically long.

giant (-s), n. [ME < OFr < L.]

  1. Titan; colossus; god-like person; mythical being who is large in stature.
  2. Behemoth; monster; ogre; [fig.] large obstacle; overwhelming difficulty.
  3. Superior being; dominant power; one who makes the rules.
  4. Hero; champion; superman; better self; strong one.

gianture, n. [see giant, n.]

Largeness; enormity of size.

gibbets, n. [OFr 'gallows, staff or cudgel, dim'.]

Gallows; execution platform for death by hanging.

Gibraltar ('s), proper n. [Arabic 'mountain of Tarik'.]

  1. The Rock; huge promontory; impressive rock formation; famous geologic feature at the mouth of the Mediterranean Sea; [fig.] worldly strength; earthly power; temporal security.
  2. Impregnable stronghold; formidable fortress; pivotal territory on the southern coast of Spain; strategic position captured by Tāriq ibn Ziyād in 711, establishing Moorish power in Spain; [see ED letters.]

giddy, adj. [Fr.]

  1. Cheerful; silly.
  2. Difficult to reach; high.
  3. Reeling; whirling.