Lexicon: afar – affix

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afar, adv. [OE feor.] (webplay: far, remote).

Separated in space; removed from one another; at a distance in place.

affable, adj. [Fr. < L. affābilis, easy to be spoken to.]

Friendly; pleasant; sociable; accessible; benign; easy mannered; free in conversation.

affair (-s), n. [OFr afaire, do.] (webplay: business, do, executing, human, make, know, partial, private).

  1. Event; happening; occurrence.
  2. Matter; business; doing; transaction; problem; private interest; object of attention; subject of concern.
  3. Activity; party; exhibition; soiree; social gathering; [word play on “affair “ and “fair”] shining beauty; delight.

affect (affecting, -s), v. [Fr. < L. affectā-re, aim at, aspire to, pretend to have < ad- + facere, do.] (webplay: existing, feelings, loss, natural, presence, quality, show).

  1. Influence; alter; act upon; produce a change on.
  2. Pretend; feign.

affectingly, adv. [see affect, v.]

Movingly; inspirationally; with power to impress; in a manner that stimulates the senses; [word play] deceptively; by pretense; just temporarily.

affection, n. [Fr. < L. affectiōn-em disposition, inclination, fondness.] (webplay: between, child, existing, love, make, natural).

Love; warmth; fondness; good will; zealous attachment; deep emotion; sensitive feelings; kind thoughts.

affiance, v. [OFr < afier, trust.] (webplay: give).

Betroth; pledge; engage; wed; [fig.] attach; unite; combine; connect; embody; incorporate.

affidavit, n. [L. affīdāvit, has stated on faith or oath.]

Promise; guarantee; pledge; deposition; testimony; legal oath; formal written declaration.

affirm (affirmed, affirming), v. [OFr < L. ad- + firmā-re, make firm, strong.] (webplay: alive, side, witness).

Prove; confirm; assert; maintain; declare; establish.

affix (-ed), v. [Med. L. affixā-re, to fasten to.]

Attach; unite; connect.