Lexicon: appear – apply

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appear (-s), v. [OFr < L. ad- + pārē-re, come in sight, come forth.] (webplay: apprehension of the mind, come, faces, known, land, likeness, reality, show, stand, tried, visible, world, yet).

  1. Emerge; become visible; come into sight; [fig.] bloom; blossom.
  2. Seem to be; look.
  3. Materialize; become manifest; become evident.

appearance, n. [see appear, v.] (webplay: known).

  1. Image; facade; demeanor.
  2. Evidence; showing; display; indication; sign.

appease (-ed), v. [OFr, bring to peace < L. pāc-em, peace.] (webplay: hunger).

  1. Console; comfort; pacify; soothe; make calm.
  2. Satisfy; tame; mollify; quench.

Appenine, proper n. [ED var. of “Apennine”; < L. ad- + penninus < Celtic pen, peak, summit, promontory, hill.]

Mountaintop; mountain range in Italy; mountain peaks that include the volcano Vesuvius (see ED letters); [fig.] great worry; immense problem; enormous trial; unsurmountable difficulty; supremely painful experience.

appetite, n. [OFr < L. appetītus, desire toward.]

Constant desire; lingering passion; hunger and thirst.

applaud, v. [L. ad, to + plaud-ēre, clap the hands.] (webplay: hands, theaters).

Commend; cheer; congratulate; praise; acclaim; express approval with loud sounds; strike one's hands together repeatedly to make noise of approbation.

applause, n. [see applaud, v.] (webplay: voice).

Acclamation; fame; public approval of others; praise by hand-clapping or shouting.

apple (-s), n. [OE] (webplay: eye, love, orchard, reddish, round, tree, yellow).

  1. Reward; prize; incentive; eternal life.
  2. Pome; round, sweet, firm fruit of the Rosaceous tree.
  3. Fruit of the forbidden tree in Genesis 2 of the Bible.
  4. Phrase. “Apple tree”: woody plant with lovely blossoms and sweet round fruits.

application, n. [see apply, v.] (webplay: vows).

Practical lesson; moral of the story; use of a law for a particular situation; part of a sermon in which principles relate to practical uses; [fig.] judgment; legal solicitation.

apply (applied), v. [OFr < L. ad to + plicā-re, fold.]

Work; exert; offer; request; adapt; conform; consent; devote oneself; present oneself for employment; propose oneself as a candidate for a position; make use of a word in a special context.