Lexicon: kiss – knight

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kiss (-ed, -ing), v. [OE cyssan.] (webplay: touch).

  1. Touch; make contact with; [fig.] shine upon.
  2. Brush with the mouth; use the lips to touch the face of; caress with the lips in token of affection for.
  3. Salute; [fig.] bow; curtsy; fondly sweep.
  4. Show affection; [fig.] say goodbye to; bid a fond farewell.
  5. Osculate; [fig.] seduce.
  6. Warm; [fig.] enliven; restore; regenerate.
  7. Moisten; [fig.] make wet with gentle rain.

kitchen (kitchen'd), n. [OE cycene < L. coquěre, to cook.] (webplay: house).

Room for preparing meals; part of the house for cooking food; [phrase: “kitchen'd look”] kitchen would look.

knead, v. [OE cnedan.] (webplay: dough, hands).

Form; press; mix; work into a mass by folding with the hands; [fig.] rock; control; handle; manipulate; rhythmically move.

knee (-s), n. [OE cnéow. NW says word in OE signifies generation and means 'shoot or protuberance'.] (webplay: sides, two).

  1. Mid-leg hinge; joint between the thigh and ankle; [metonymy] leg; bottom limb.
  2. Part of the leg for resting upon in the attitude of prayer.
  3. Claw; pincer; bird leg; foot of a fowl.
  4. Lap; [fig.] foothills; lower slopes; accessible places; benches of a large geologic formation.
  5. Leg posture; [fig.] attitude of supplication; position of submission; [metonymy] worship; adoration.

kneel (-ed, -ing, -s, knelt), v. [OE cnéowlian, see knee, n.] (webplay: knee, lay, say the Lord's Prayer).

  1. Bow worshipfully; stoop reverently; bend down onto the knees in submission to God.
  2. Show respect; [fig.] seek acceptance; request priority; beg for attention; humble oneself to a lower position.
  3. Fall on one's knees; [fig.] express awe; show reverence for nature.

knell, n. [OE cynll.]

  1. Toll; solemn sound of a bell; [fig.] memorial; funeral notice; signal of loss; sign of grief; omen of death.
  2. [Fig.] pomp; ceremony; sensational show of grief.

knew, v. [see know, v.]

knewest, v. [see know, v.]

knife, n. [OE cníf.]

Scalpel; cutting instrument; metal medical tool with a sharp edge; [fig.] sarcastic language; tone of criticism.

knight, n. [OE cniht, lad, servant, soldier.] (webplay: great, servants, six hundred, times).

Attendant; champion; chevalier; paladin; hero; horseman; mounted soldier; youth of military rank; man devoted to a lady; [fig.] male principle of the universe.