Dictionary: REEF'ED – RE-EM-BAT'TLED

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REEF'ED, pp.

Having a portion of the top or bottom folded and made fast to the yard.

REEF'ING, ppr.

Folding and making fast to the yard, as a portion of a sail.


A small rope formerly used to reef the courses by being passed through the holes of the reef spirally. – Mar. Dict.


A tackle upon deck, communicating with its pendant, and passing through a block at the top-mast head, and through a hole in the top-sail-yard-arm, is attached to a cringle below the lowest reef; used to pull the skirts of the top-sails close to the extremities of the yards to lighten the labor of reefing. – Mar. Dict.

REEF'Y, a.

Full of reefs or rocks.

REEK, n. [Sax. rec; D. rook; G. rauch; Sw. rök; Dan. rög.]

  1. Vapor; steam.
  2. A rick, – which see. – Shak.

REEK, v.i. [Sax. recan, reocan, D. rooken, ruiken; G. rauchen; Sw. röka; Dan. röger, ryger, to reek, to smoke; W. rhogli, to smell. This may be from the same root as the L. fragro, and all coinciding with the Ar. أَرِجَ areega, to diffuse odor. The primary sense is to send out or emit, to extend, to reach. Class Rg.]

To steam; to exhale; to emit vapor; applied especially to the vapor of certain moist substances, rather than to the smoke of burning bodies. I found me laid / In balmy sweat, which with his beams the sun / Soon dry'd, and on the reeking moisture fed. – Milton. Whose blood yet reeks on my avenging sword. – Smith.

REEK'ING, ppr.

Steaming; emitting vapor.

REEK'Y, a.

Smoky; soiled with smoke or steam; foul. – Shak.

REEL, n. [Sax. hreol, reol. See Reel, to stagger.]

  1. A frame or machine turning on an axis, and on which yarn is extended for winding, either into skains, or from skains on to spools and quills. On a reel also seamen wind their log-lines, &c.
  2. A kind of dance peculiar to Scotland, usually written in common time.
  3. An instrument or machine used by anglers to draw in their lines rapidly, when a fish is taken.

REEL, v.i. [Sw. ragla; Qu. Class Rg, or Ar. رَغَلَ ragala, to lean. Class Rl, No. 4.]

To stagger; to incline or move in walking, first to one side and then to the other; to vacillate. He with heavy fumes opprest, / Reel'd from the palace and retir'd to rest. – Pope. They reel to and fro, and stagger like a drunken man. – Ps. cvii.

REEL, v.t.

To gather yarn from the spindle. – Wilkins.

RE-E-LECT', v.t. [re and elect.]

To elect again; as, to re-elect the former governor.


Elected again; rechosen.


Electing again.


Election a second time, or repeated election; as, the re-election of a former representative. – Swift.


The capacity of being re-elected to the same office.

RE-EL'I-GI-BLE, a. [re and eligible.]

Capable of being elected again to the same office.

RE-EM-BARK', v.i.

To embark or go on board again.

RE-EM-BARK', v.t. [re and embark.]

To embark or put on board again.


A putting on board or a going on board again.


Embarked again.


Embarking or going on board again.

RE-EM-BAT'TLE, v.t. [re and embattle.]

To array again for battle; to arrange again in the order of battle.


Arrayed again for battle.