Dictionary: DOR'MOUSE – DOT

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DOR'MOUSE, n. [plur. Dormice. L. dormio, to sleep, and mouse.]

The popular name of the several species of Myoxus, a genus of Mammalia of the order Rodentia.

DORN, n. [G. dorn, a thorn.]

A fish. – Carew.


A species of figured linen made in Dornock, in Scotland. – Ure.

DO'RON, n. [Gr. δωρον, a gift; δωρεω, Russ. dariyu, to give.]

  1. A gift; a present. [Not to use.]
  2. A measure of three inches. – Ash.

DORP, n. [G. dorf; D. dorp; Sw. and Dan. torp; W. trev. See Tribe.]

A small village.

DORR, n. [See DOR.]

DORR, v.t.

To deafen with noise. [Not in use.]


A drone. [Not in use.]

DOR'SAL, a. [from L. dorsum, the back.]

Pertaining to the back; as, the dorsal fin of a fish; dorsal awn, in botany.


A canopy. – Sutton.



Having the branchiæ equally distributed along the body, as an order of annelidans.

DOR-SIF'ER-OUS, or DOR-SIP'AR-OUS, a. [L. dorsum, the back, and fero or pario, to bear.]

In botany, bearing or producing seeds on the back of their leaves; an epithet given to ferns or plants of the capillary kind without stalks. – Encyc.

DOR'SUM, n. [L.]

The ridge of a hill. – Walton.

DOR'TURE, n. [contraction of dormiture.]

A dormitory. [Not in use.] – Bacon.

DOSE, n. [Fr. dose; It. dosa; Gr. δοσις, that which is given, from διδωμι, to give; W. dodi, to give.]

  1. The quantity of medicine given or prescribed to be taken at one time. – Quincy.
  2. Any thing given to be swallowed; any thing nauseous, that one is obliged to take. – South.
  3. A quantity; a portion. – Granville.
  4. As much as a man can swallow. – Johnson.

DOSE, v.t. [Fr. doser.]

  1. To proportion a medicine properly to the patient or disease; to form into suitable doses. – Derham.
  2. To give in doses; to give medicine or physic.
  3. To give any thing nauseous.

DOS'ED, pp.

Given in doses; formed into suitable doses.

DOS'ING, ppr.

Forming into doses; physicking.

DOS'SER, n. [Fr. dos, the back; dossier, a bundle.]

A pannier, or basket, to be carried on the shoulders of men. – Encyc.


In surgery, a pledget or portion of lint made into a cylindric form, or the shape of a date. – Encyc.

DOST, v.

The second person of Do, used in the solemn style; thou dost.

DOT, n. [I know not the origin and affinities of this word. It would be naturally deduced from a verb signifying to set, or to prick, like punctum, point. It coincides in elements with tatoo, and W. dodi, to give, that is, to thrust or cause to pass.]

A small point or spot, made with a pen or other pointed instrument; a speck, used in marking a writing or other thing.

DOT, v.t.

  1. To mark with dots.
  2. To mark or diversify with small detached objects; as, a landscape dotted with cottages, or clumps of trees.

DOT, v.t.

To make dots or spots.