Dictionary: HOE – HOG'S'-MUSH-ROOMS

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HOE, v.i.

To use a hoe.

HOE, v.t.

  1. To cut, dig, scrape or clean with a hoe; as, to hoe the earth in a garden; to hoe the beds.
  2. To clear from weeds; as, to hoe maiz; to hoe cabbages.

HOED, pp.

Cleared from weeds, or loosened by the hoe.

HOE'ING, ppr.

  1. Cutting, scraping or digging with a hoe.
  2. Clearing of weeds with a hoe.

HO'FUL, a. [Sax. hohfull, hogfull; hoga, care, and full.]

Careful. [Obs.]

HOG, n. [W. hwç, a hog, a push or thrust; Arm. houch; probably so named from his snout, or from rooting; Sp. hocico, the snout of a beast; hocicar, to root.]

  1. A swine; a general name of that species of animal.
  2. In England, a castrated sheep of a year old. Ash.
  3. A bullock of a year old. Ash.
  4. A brutal fellow; one who is mean and filthy.
  5. Among seamen, a sort of scrubbing-broom for scraping a ship's bottom under water. Mar. Dict.

HOG, v.i.

To bend, so as to resemble in some degree a hog's back; as, a ship hogs in lanching.

HOG, v.t.

  1. To scrape a ship's bottom under water.
  2. [G. hocken.] To carry on the back. [Local.] Grose.
  3. To cut the hair short, like the bristles of a hog. [Local.]

HOG'COTE, n. [hog and cote.]

A shed or house for swine; a sty. Mortimer.

HOG'GED, pp.

  1. Scraped under water.
  2. Curving; having the ends lower than the middle. Eton.


  1. A sheep of the second year. Ash.
  2. A two year old ewe. Ainsworth.

HOG'GET, n. [Norm. hoget.]

  1. A sheep two years old. Skinner.
  2. A colt of a year old, called also hog-colt. [Local.] Grose.
  3. A young boar of the second year. Cyc.

HOG'GING, ppr.

Scraping under water.


Having the qualities of a hog; brutish; glutinous; filthy; mean; selfish.


In a brutish, gluttonous or filthy manner.


Brutishness; voracious greediness in eating; beastly filthiness; mean selfishness.

HOGH, n. [See High.]

A hill; a cliff. [Obs.] Spenser.

HOG'HERD, n. [hog and herd.]

A keeper of swine. Browne.

HOG'PEN, n. [hog and pen.]

A hogsty.


A tree of the genus Spondias.


One whose business is to put rings in the snouts of swine.

HOG'S'-BEAN, n. [A mere translation of the Gr. Υοσκυαμος.]

A plant, Hyoscyamus niger, and other species of the genus Hyoscyamus. Ainsworth.


A plant of the genus Peucedanum.

HOGS'HEAD, n. [D. oxhoofd; G. oxhoft; Dan. oxehoved; Sw. oxhufvud; that is, oxhead. The English orthography is grossly corrupt.]

  1. A measure of capacity, containing 63 gallons.
  2. In America, this name is often given to a butt, a cask containing from 110 to 120 gallons; as, a hogshead of spirit or melasses.
  3. A large cask of indefinite contents. Bacon.


A plant. Ainsworth.