Lexicon: visit – vitals

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visit (-ed, -ing, -s), v. [OFr visiter < L. vīsitāre, to go to see, to inspect; < L. vīs-, ppl. stem of vidēre, to see.] (webplay: come, confirm, day, divine, early, friend, go, God, guest, know, long, men, others, persons, see, superior, visit).

  1. Accompany; rest upon; come into the presence of.
  2. Overtake; pass by; come suddenly; [fig.] make physical contact; call upon for the purpose of intimate relations; [paradox] cause to freeze; affect with frost.
  3. Enter; appear; come into a home; [fig.] waft in; drift into a place.
  4. Travel to; take a trip to; go to a place for a set period of time.
  5. Stay; dwell; reside; attend; occupy; be present.
  6. Acknowledge; go out to meet with; become better acquainted with.
  7. Punish; afflict; curse; thwart.

visiter (-s), n. [see visitor, n.]

visitor (-s, visiter, visiters), n. [AFr < OFr visiter, to visit.] (webplay: another, bring, come, day, divine, flowers, friend, go, grant, guest, house, judgments, know, law, lord, manner, men, move, physician, see, show, subject, superior, trouble, view, visit, wait).

  1. Companion; comrade; associate; [fig.] expression; manifestation of emotion.
  2. Guest; participant; one invited.
  3. Stranger; alien; foreigner; outsider; newcomer; passer by; person who suddenly appears.
  4. Neighbor; acquaintance; [fig.] mourner.
  5. Dweller; lodger; resident; occupant; temporary resident; person living here temporarily; [fig.] creature in nature such as a bird; [metaphor] angel; heavenly messenger; spiritual being.

vista, n. [It. < L. vīs-, ppl. stem of vidēre, to see.]

  1. Glade; forest prospect; open space between trees; [fig.] nest; viewpoint from up in a tree.
  2. Perspective; point of view; long-distance vision.

vital (-lest), adj. [OFr < L. vītālis < vīta, life.] (webplay: bodies, fitted, human, life, live, soul, spirits, state, workmanship).

  1. Necessary; essential; crucial; life-supporting; [metonymy] bloody.
  2. Life-restoring; able to renew life; [fig.] able to resurrect from the dead.
  3. Meaningful; significant.
  4. Active; lively; moving; impressive; intense; stimulating; arousing emotion in.
  5. Eternal; immortal; everlasting.
  6. Real; actual; concrete; material; verifiable.
  7. Living; alive; dynamic; electric; charged; [fig.] true; intelligent; mentally illuminating; spiritually energizing.

vitality, n. [L. vītālitās, vital force, life; see vital, adj.] (webplay: give, human, live, live, move, nerve, part, powers, process, soul, spirits, workmanship).

  1. Living being; animate creature.
  2. Animation; life force; existence as a sentient mortal being; breath, pulse, heartbeat, and brain wave.
  3. Movement; motivation; lively motion; ability to act.
  4. Feeling; emotion; sensibility; overactive mental and physical functions.
  5. Mortality; earthly life; human existence.
  6. Eternity; immortality; everlasting life; ability to recover from decay.
  7. Vividness; vigor; liveliness; life force; intense energy; [fig.] spirit; inspiration; illumination.

vitalize (-s), v. [see vital, adj.] (webplay: life, peace).

  1. Enhance; give flavor to; make more potent; heighten appreciation of.
  2. Actualize; enliven; make real; give life to.

vitalless, adj. [see vital, adj.] (webplay: live, soul).

Dead; lifeless; limp; impotent; powerless; very weak; unable to provide energy; not able to recover; [fig.] ineffective; not motivating.

vitally, adv. [see vital, adj.] (webplay: soul).

Intensely; vividly.

vitals, n. [L. vītālia; see vital, adj.] (webplay: sound).

Innards; viscera; essential body parts; organs necessary for life; [fig.] essentials; most important aspects of life.