Lexicon: vote – vulture

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vote, n. [L. vōtum, vow, wish.] (webplay: ballot, elections, hand, little).

Choice; selection; suffrage; expression of preference.

vote (-d), v. [L. vōt- < L. vovēre, vōtāre, to vow, desire, to devote by a vow.] (webplay: grant, knowledge, little, passing).

Declare; decide about; consign to die; designate for execution; announce a verdict for; assign the death sentence to; impose capital punishment upon.

vouch (vouches), v. [AFr and OFr vocher, voucher, to call, summon, invoke , claim; < L. vocāre, to call.] (webplay: bear, God, love, make, old, permit, solemn, stand, taking).

  1. Swear; attest; testify; warrant; witness; guarantee; say for sure; declare for certain.
  2. Proclaim; assert; announce.

vow (-s), n. [AFr vu < L. vōt-um, vote < pa. ppl. L. vōvēre, to promise solemnly, to pledge, dedicate.] (webplay: bear, bonds, build, careful, court, father, give, God, great, love, made, make, moon, old, proving, serves, shall, silent, single, solemn, taking, together, unless, victory).

  1. Compact; wedding pledge; marriage contract; promise of love.
  2. Covenant; promised blessing; (see Psalm 56:12).
  3. Commitment; verbal agreement.

vow, v. [OFr vouer; see vow, n.] (webplay: make, pay, worthy).

Promise; solemnly swear.

vulgar, adj. [L. vulg-us, the common people.]

Uncultivated; crude; unrefined; common; rude; low; ordinary; base.

vulture, n. [AFr and OFR < L. vultur, vulturius.]

Scavenger fowl; bird of prey; winged predatory creature.