Lexicon: vailed – value

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vailed, verbal adj. [see vail, v.] (webplay: faces, give, servants).

Hidden; obscured; [phrase “vailed faces”] Holy Ones; deceased loved ones.

vain (-er), adj. [OFr < L. vānus, empty, void, idle.] (webplay: empty, every man, God, high, hope, life, man, name, teaches, unreal, walketh, worship, worthless).

  1. Ephemeral; transitory; insubstantial; intangible; untouchable.
  2. Conceited; egotistical; self-centered; over-confident.
  3. Fruitless; empty; hollow; vacuous; not efficacious.

vain, adv. [see vain, adj.]

  1. Phrase. “In vain”: hopelessly; fruitlessly; in futility; not efficaciously; without obvious effect; without immediate results; not having positive resolution.
  2. Phrase. “In vain”: thoughtlessly; disrespectfully; without reverence; (see Exodus 20:7).

vale, n. [OFr < L. vallem, valley.] (webplay: hills, land, little).

Valley; dale; dell; dingle; low place between stretches of high ground; tract of land lying between two ranges of hills; (see Deuteronomy 1:7).

valentine, n. [OFr < L. 'name of two early Italian saints'.]

Love poem; billet deux verse; metrical rhyme sent to a preferred person on February 14th, St. Valentine's Day; [fig.] sweetheart; beloved; special friend.

valid, adj. [F. < L. 'strong, powerful, effective'.]

Real; concrete; authentic; legitimate.

valley (-s), n. [OFr < L., see vale, n.] (webplay: hills, low, mountains, plain, river).

Hollow; dale; dell; dingle; lowland; river basin; low altitude place between stretches of high ground; tract of land lying between two ranges of hills.

valor (valour), n. [OFr < L. 'to be strong'.]

Power; import; significance; energy; meaning; [fig.] candor; forthrightness; frankness; directness.

value (-s), n. [OFr 'to be of worth'.] (webplay: certain, country, fashion, friend, gold, good, greater, high, honor, house, land, life, man, mind, moment, power, privileges, qualities, real, rules, setting, word, worth).

  1. Worth; price; cost; esteem.
  2. Worthwhile endeavor.
  3. Practicality; usefulness; utility; importance; significance.
  4. Commodity; goods.
  5. Standard; measure; amount; tally; total.
  6. Ideal; virtue.
  7. Prize; treasure; [fig.] being; loved one.

value (-d), v. [see value, n.] (webplay: jealousies, opinion).

  1. Appreciate; understand the worth of.
  2. Esteem; respect; cherish; treasure.