Lexicon: venom – vermilion

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venom (-s), n. [L. venēn-um.] (webplay: injurious).

Poison; gall; malice; bitterness; rancor.

venture, n. [OFr auenture < L. adventūra, a thing about to happen to anyone; see adventure, n.]

  1. Hazard; undertaking; attempt; motive; essay.
  2. Purpose; aim; endeavor.
  3. Chance; risk; gamble.
  4. Quest; prank; antic; caper; adventure.

venture (-d), v. [see venture, n.] (webplay: act, gains, know, made, presumption, sea, West Indies).

  1. Try; risk; attempt; make an effort; take a chance; walk by faith.
  2. Embark; sally; dare to move.

Vera Cruz, proper n. [Full Sp. name La Villa Rica de la Vera Cruz, The Rich Town of the True Cross.]

Sea port city in east Mexico; trade center of Mexico with Europe; city that commemorated Christ's crucifixion when founded during Holy Week in 1519; [fig.] tropical, exotic place.

verb, n. [OFr < L. verbum, word.] (webplay: ask, see, write).

Assertion; action word; truth proposition; grammatical head of a sentence; part of speech that links a subject to a predicate in a clause; constituent that expresses action, being, and so forth; lexical category that takes a subject and an optional object/complement; free morpheme that inflects for time, tense, mood, and aspect; [fig.] “love” in the sentence “I love you.”

verdict, n. [AFr. verdit, ver true + dit to say, speak.] (webplay: decide).

Answer; decision; judgment; legal opinion; judicial ruling.

verdure, n. [OFr verd green + -ure.] (webplay: prepared).

Greenness; verdancy; lushness; flourishing vegetation.

verge, n. [OFr < L. virga, rod.] (webplay: part, period).

Threshold; limit; edge; beginning; [fig.] horizon; shore.

verily, adv. [OFr voirement < L. vērus, true.]

Truly; really; indeed; certainly; surely; without doubt.

vermilion, adj. [see vermillion, adj. and n.]