Lexicon: vivamus – volume

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vivamus, v. [L. vivamus, 1st pers. sing. pres. subjunctive “we live”; see dum.]

Phrase. “Dum vivamus vivamus”: while we live, let us enjoy life; while we are alive, let us live fully.

vive, v. [Fr. 'may he live' < L. vīv-us, living, alive.]

Phrase: “Vive le roi”: Long live the king; cheer of good health for a new monarch (see Webster 1844); [fig.] welcome for a significant person.

vivid (-er), adj. [L. vīvid-us, living, animated, lively; < L. vīvere, to live.] (webplay: colors, divine, life, live).

  1. Liquid; quickened; [fig.] red, bright, fiery; flowing.
  2. Sustaining; supporting; nourishing; energizing; spirited.
  3. Colorful; bright; sprightly; intense in hue; forming brilliant images; with animated exhibition.

vivimus, v. [L. vivimus, 1st pers. sing. pres. active “let us live”; see dum. Johnson edition has “vivimus vivamus” instead of “vivamus vivamus” as in the Franklin edition.]

Phrase. “Dum vivimus vivamus”: while we live, let us enjoy life; while we are alive, let us live fully.

vocal, adj. [L. vōcāl-is uttering voice, speaking < L. vox, voice, sound.]

Outspoken; revealed; exposed; uncovered; not quiet; made known; free to speak up.

voice (-s), n. [AFr and OFr < L. vox, voice, sound.] (webplay: alone, bird, certain, day, death, different, fit, floods, God, harsh, hill, man, melody, mouth, music, opinion, pipes, prayer, present, right, say, small, soft, sound, still, sweet, tone, woman, words).

  1. Message; announcement; proclamation; declaration; spoken words.
  2. Speech; verbal expression; oral communication; way of speaking; [fig.] crying; feelings; emotional state.
  3. Vocal range; capacity for singing.
  4. Chirping; birdcall; birdsong.
  5. Intonation; human utterance.
  6. Noise; rustle of wind; rush of air.
  7. Sound; means of speaking; ways of communicating.
  8. Muse; revelation; source of inspiration.
  9. Dialogue; opportunity for conversation; [fig.] answer to a prayer.

volcanic, adj. [Fr. < L. Vulcān-us; see volcano (-es), n.] (webplay: fire, mountains, seen, smoke).

  1. Active; heated; combustible; explosive; potentially inflammatory; ready to break into flames; [fig.] seemingly stoic; potentially agitated; temporarily covering powerful emotion.
  2. Fuming; thundering; billowing like smoke.

volcano, adj. [see volcano, n.]

Potentially active; ready to erupt.

volcano (-es), n. [It. < L. Vulcānum.] (webplay: earth, fire, lava, mountains, seen, Sicily, smoke, Vesuvius).

  1. Geologic fissure; mountain that can erupt into fire; elevated cone of the earth's crust, with the potential to eject smoke, flames, stones, lava, and ash.
  2. Hill; mound; elevated place; [fig.] viewpoint; vantage point; point of view.
  3. Earth; planet; world.

volume (-s), n. [OFr < L. volūmen, coil, wreath, roll < volvere, to roll.] (webplay: ancients, Bible, book, vast, written).

  1. Tome; scroll; issue; bound manuscript.
  2. Book; record; publication; printed edition.