Lexicon: vestment – vicarious

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vestment (-s), n. [OFr < L.] (webplay: dies).

Clothing; robe; gown; dress; [fig.] butterfly wing.

Vesuvian, proper adj. [see Vesuvius, proper n.]

Volcanic; fiery; glowing; burning; volatile.

Vesuvius, proper n. [Gk name for Hercules, son of Zeus or Ves; poss. < Oscan fesf, to smoke, to steam; poss. < pre-Celtic root element vas, mountain.] (webplay: volcano).

Volcano that destroyed Pompeii; active volcanic peak in southwestern Italy on the Mediterranean coast; (see ED letters).

veto, n. [L. 'I forbid'; word by which Roman tribunes opposed measures of the Senate or actions of the magistrates.] (webplay: right).

Ban; prohibition; disallowance; interdiction; negative vote; prevention of an intended act; right of a king to withhold the passing of a law.

Vevay, proper n. [poss. Relic of L. bivium, a parting of the roads; Celtic/Gaelic, 'white wave'.]

City in Switzerland; a luxurious European resort; [fig.] the vibrant fields of summer flora and fauna.

vex (vext), v. [OFr < L. vexāre, to shake, agitate, disturb.] (webplay: life, little, pain, people).

  1. Stifle; dampen; deaden; interfere with; [fig.] end; halt; block; destroy.
  2. Annoy; bother; trouble; tease; [fig.] cause to burn; turn red from exposure to sunlight.
  3. Irritate; upset; worry; cause discomfort for; [fig.] mortify; embarrass.
  4. Hurt; wound; plague; injure; cause pain to (see Psalms 6:2); [fig.] infect; cause illness; [metaphor] kill; cause death.

viand (-s), n. [AFr and OFr < L. vīvěre, to live; also OTeut. fijêjan, to hate.] (webplay: meat).

Food; victual; meal; banquet provision.

vibrating, verbal adj. [L. vibrāre, to move rapidly to and fro, to brandish, shake.] (webplay: brain, makes, musical, remote).

Shaking; trembling; oscillating; barely moving.

vibration (-s), n. [see vibrating, adj.] (webplay: makes).

Movement; wave; oscillation.

vicarious, adj. [L. vic-is, change, turn, stead, office.]

Proxy; representative; arbitrative; mediating; advocating; interceding; substituting; acting on behalf of another; performed by authority of another; carried out in another's stead.