Lexicon: vermillion – vest

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vermillion, adj. [see vermillion, n.] (webplay: name, ruddy).

  1. Cinnabar; scarlet; beautiful bright warm color.
  2. Red; blood-colored; pertaining to leaves in fall season.

vermillion, n. [ED's variant spelling of “vermilion”; AFr and OFr vermail < L. vermiculus, a worm.] (webplay: cochineal, color, name, red).

  1. Ruddiness; rosy cheeks; color of health.
  2. Cochineal; small insect that feeds on a particular plant; color produced from the cochineal.
  3. Bright, beautiful red color.

vermin (-'s), n. [AFr. and OFr < L. vermi-s, worm.] (webplay: insects).

Pest; destructive creature; stealthy animal that preys upon crops or other animals; [fig.] annoying one; contemptible being; [fig.] death.

Verriere, proper n. [see Le Verriere, proper n.]

very, adj. [AFr and OFr < L. vērus, true.]

Exact; precise; selfsame; aforementioned; [modifying a noun.]

very, adv. [AFr and OFr < L. vērus, true.] (webplay: bright, cold, day, deed, friends, great, heavens, man, river, say, sun, true).

Quite; indeed; really; truly; surely; verily; [modifying an adjective.]

vesper (-s), n. [L. 'evening star, evening'.]

Evening song; music for the late afternoon service in the Catholic church; [fig.] evening star; time when the planet Venus appears above the horizon; [fig.] good-nights; good-byes; farewells; departures; [metaphor] death.

vessel, n. [AFr and OFr < L. vascellum, small vase or urn, ship.]

Boat; ship; water craft; vehicle for traveling over the waves; [fig.] form; container; mode of transport.

vest, n. [Fr. < It. < L. vestis, garment, attire, clothing.] (webplay: another, called, closely, come, common, cover, death, king, land, life, man's, passes, purple, remainder, short, sky, speech, take, without, worn).

  1. Tunic; robe; gown; overclothes; outerwear; [fig.] layer; covering.
  2. Sleeveless jacket; coat that provides warmth for the upper body; [fig.] array; display of color.
  3. Waistcoat; article of clothing that a gentleman wears over his shirt and under his coat; [fig.] heart; seat of emotions, feelings, attraction, passion.
  4. Raiment; upper garment; [word play on “west”] horizon; skyline.
  5. Chest; throat; upper front part of a bird's body, below the head.

vest (-s), v. [L. vestīre, to clothe.] (webplay: common).

Invest; endow; empower; bestow; bequeath; confer; [fig.] allow; permit; countenance; sanction; warrant; approve; endorse.