Lexicon: view – vineyard

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view (-s), n. [AN < OFr veue, to see.] (webplay: all, dazzled, held, just, knew, look, man, show, sight, swift, took, up).

  1. Sight; eyeshot; ability to be seen.
  2. Scene; perspective.

view (-ed), v. [see view, n.] (webplay: air, case, charming, common, country, delight, eye, fair, fences, give, held, knew, landscape, mentioned, mistaken, nature, never, passed, perceive, prospect, pursued, remote, see, sight, sufficient, took, town, up, whole, winds).

  1. Look; survey; gaze longingly; pay attention to for a sustained period of time; (Noah Webster's entry for VIEW, v. t. says “We ascended mount Holyoke, and viewed the charming landscape below. We viewed with delight the rich valleys of the Connecticut about the town of Northampton”).
  2. See; regard; study; look at.

vigilance, n. [Fr. < L. vigil, awake.] (webplay: flowers, pass).

Guard; alertness; circumspection; wakefulness; watchfulness against danger.

vigorous, adj. [AFr and OFr < L. vigōr, liveliness, activity, force; < L. verb vigēre, to be lively, to thrive, flourish.] (webplay: body, force).

Strong; lively; powerful; impelling; energetic.

vilify, v. [Late L. < L. vīlis, of low value or price, cheap, common, mean, base.] (webplay: transferable).

Reduce; lesson; decrease in value; [fig.] degrade; revile; make vile; falsely accuse.

village, adj. [see village, n.]

Hometown; rural; congregational; country church; [fig.] funeral.

village (-s), n. [OFr < L. villa, country-house, farm; < L. vīcus, village, hamlet, country-seat.] (webplay: called, convenient, exists, houses, laboring, people, services, small).

Small town; little community; tiny cluster of homes and businesses.

vindicate, v. [L. 'to claim, set free, punish' < L. vis force + dic- to say.] (webplay: act, arms, claim, God).

Prove; try; test; gain redress through; make a defense with; assert the authority of; make a claim by means of.

vine, n. [OFr < L. vīnea, vineyard, vine; vīn-um, wine.] (webplay: wines).

Grape plant; woody branch with tendrils that bear grapes; [fig.] clover patch; source of pollen.

vineyard, n. [see vine, n. and yard, n. < OE winyeard.]

Sphere of labor; plantation where grape plants are cultivated.