Lexicon: variety – vastness

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variety, n. [Fr. < L. varietāt, difference, diversity.] (webplay: clouds, light, unlike).

Mixture; quality; blend; concoction; strain; different form of some thing.

various, adj. [L. vari-us, changing, different, diverse, variegated.] (webplay: change, curling, customs, giv'n, itself, kinds, lies, light, love, many, reason, size, sort, unlike, ways).

  1. Variegated; striped; banded; multi-colored.
  2. Multiple; diverse; different; more than one; one of many.
  3. Changeable; mutable; shifting; not fixed.

vary (varies, varied), v. [L. variāre < L. varius, various.] (webplay: accidental, clouds, entirely, fullness, gods, held, love, many, men, names, one, other, unlike).

  1. Modify; qualify.
  2. Alter; change.
  3. Differ; shift; digress; detour; deviate; divagate; stray; wander.

vascillating, verbal adj. [ED spelling variation; see vacillating, adj.]

vase, n. [L. vās, vessel.] (webplay: flower-pots).

  1. Container; [fig.] calyx of a plant; envelope of sepals surrounding the bud of a flower.
  2. Vessel; ornamental bottle; glass display urn; jar for holding flowers in water to prolong their freshness.

vassal, n. [L. vassall-us, man-servant, domestic, retainer.] (webplay: long).

Slave; servant; subject; tenant; one holding lands from a feudal superior; [word play on “vessel”] vase; container; receptacle.

vast (-er, -est), adj. [L. vastus, void, immense, extensive.] (webplay: call, differ, empty, force, great, heav'n, labor, large, little, magnitude, manners, men, mighty, plains, root, sounded, space, spirits, subject, through, used, waste).

  1. Wide; great; large; immense; enormous.
  2. Spacious; extensive; immeasurable; far-reaching.
  3. Deep; endless; unfathomable; overwhelming.
  4. Severe; extreme; forceful; traumatic; catastrophic.
  5. Profound; significant; meaningful; important.

vast, adv. [see vast, adj.]

Much; totally; extensively.

vastly, adv. [see vast, adj.]

Immensely; exceedingly; extremely; very much; a great deal.

vastness, n. [see vast, adj.] (webplay: multitude).

Enormity; immensity; greatness.