Lexicon: vat – vellum

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vat (-s), n. [variant of fat, OE fatu.] (webplay: laid, liquors, wine).

Cask; vessel for storing liquid.

Vatican, proper n. [L. mons vaticinia, hill of prophecies.] (webplay: hills).

Palace of the Pope; headquarters of the Catholic Church in Rome; religious city-state in Italy containing buildings, chapels, museums, and a library; [fig.] art exhibit; spacious gallery; magnificent palace.

vault (-ed), v. [OFr volter, to gambol, leap.] (webplay: death, flowers, turn).

Jump; leap; hurdle; bound; spring.

vaunt, n. [OFr < L. vānus, vain, empty.] (webplay: boasting, first).

Boast; brag; arrogance; vainglorious language.

vegetation (-'s), n. [L. vegetātio.] (webplay: nature, plants).

Flora; foliage; verdure; greenery; growing things; plant life; the vegetable kingdom.

vehemence, n. [L. vehementia.] (webplay: urgent).

Willingness; insistence; urgency.

vehicle (-s), n. [L. vehěre, to carry.] (webplay: cart, chariots, coaches, kind, style, thought, wagons, wheel).

  1. Coach; carriage; conveyance; wagon; [fig.] cause of inspiration; means of transcendence.
  2. Chariot; heavenly mode of transportation; (see 2 Kings 2:11-12).

veil, n. [spelling variation; see vail, n.]

vein (-s), n. [L. vēna.] (webplay: along, arteries, blood, branch, come, finer, flowers, marble, nerves, open, pass, sense, stones, strain, term, thinking, traced).

  1. Blood vessel; fluid-bearing tube; linear element of the human circulatory system.
  2. Ditch; trench; canal; course; [fig.] stream of fallen leaves moving uphill in the wind.
  3. Channel; conduit; carrier; [fig.] exemplar; model; pattern.
  4. Duct; heart-bound vas; vessel that carries blood toward the heart.

vellum, adj. [OFr < L. vitulus, calf.]

Fine parchment; printing material made from the skin of a calf.