Lexicon: opposite – opulence

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opposite (-s), n. [see opposite, adj.] (webplay: attempt, counterbalance, front).

  1. Antithesis; that which is opposed or contrary.
  2. Other side; opposing side, especially in battle.

opposite, prep. [see opposite, adj.] (webplay: heart).

Across (from); on the other side (of).

oppositely, adv. [opposite, adj. + -ly.]

In the wrong way; in a way contrary to what is required.

oppress, n. [see oppress, v.]

Weight; burden.

oppress (-ed, -es), v. [OFr < L. oppriměre, to press against, press or bear down, crash.]

Weigh heavily; press down, burden.

opprobrium, n. [L. opprobrium, disgrace, infamy, reproach.]

Reproach; disgrace.

option, n. [Fr. < L. 'choosing, choice'.]

  1. Will; volition; personal preference; inherent power to decide.
  2. Choosing; act of deciding between alternatives

optional, adj. [see option, n.]

Elective; depending on preference; a matter of choice; left to one's wishes.

optizan, n. [etymology unknown; definition not attested.]

Optician; optometrist; eye doctor; person skilled in optical science; [polysemy] optical instrument; magnifying glass; [word play] judge; magistrate; [fig.] seer; visionary; scientist; wise man; person of discernment.

opulence, n. [L. opulens, rich, wealthy, splendid; op-em, power, might, resources, wealth.]

Bounty; luxury; extravagance; lavishness; richness.