Lexicon: order – organdy

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order, n. [ME < OFr < L. ordin-em row, series, course, order, array.]

Balance; regulation; arrangement.

order, v. [see order.]

To command or demand; authoritative power.

orderly, adv. [see order.]

Proper ;organized; in conformity with good order.

ordinance, n. [OFr < L. ordinantia, see ordain, v.]

Ceremony; church rite; religious ritual of empowerment.

ordinary, adj. [L. 'regular, orderly, customary, usual'; see order, n.]

Regular, usual, plain.

ordination, n. [L. see ordain, v.]

Arranging in order; placing by rank.

ordnance, n. [OFr < L.; see ordinance, n.]

Explosive; cannon; gunshot; military equipment; weapons of destruction.

ore (-s), n. [OE óra, unwrought metal.]

Mineral containing useful or precious metal.

organ, n. [L. < Gk. 'instrument, musical instrument'.]

A musical instrument consisting of pipes, wind, bellows, and keys.

organdy, adj. [Fr. organdi, of uncertain origin.]

Gauze; thin muslin; delicately-spun fabric.